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Dynamic Warmup – Footwork, Agility, and Acceleration Series – IMG Performance Institute

Performance Tips and Performance Drills – Footwork Drills, Agility Drills and Acceleration Drills by the IMG Performance Institute

Learn from IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development Coach, Trevor Anderson, how to increase your footwork, agility and acceleration on the playing field. This is a series of six videos of performance drills and performance tips designed to help you have better footwork, agility and acceleration.

Jumping & Bounding-Footwork

Line Drills

Linear Acceleration

Lateral Direction Change

Cone Drills

IMG Academy, located in Bradenton, Florida is the premier performance training facility in the world with performance camps and a full-time residency program, the IMG Academy Athletic & Personal Development program can help you become THE TOTAL ATHLETE!

Vitor Belfort Part 1: Dynamic Warmup, Core Strength & Explosiveness, Isometric Strength

Vitor Belfort Part 1: Dynamic Warmup

A Bobby Razak Film. Trainer Jake Bonacci puts Vitor through a dynamic warm-up while focusing on lower body movement, range of motion, balance, and stability!

Core Strength & Explosiveness

A Bobby Razak Film. Vitor attacks some awesome core strength training with Bonacci to activate an explosive, fast-twitch muscle response!

Vitor Belfort Part 3: Isometric Strength