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Deadline w/ Rodrigo Lima

Dirty Ghetto Kids

Dirty Ghetto Kids

Dirty Ghetto Kids

Fresh ’til Death

Zero x DGK isn’t your typical collaboration, but skateboarding breeds the unexpected. Part 2 coming tomorrow…

The crew continues on the road through Arizona and New Mexico while hitting demos and eating triple-sets for breakfast.

Fresh ‘Till Death Zero/DGK Demo at Skatepark of Tampa

Tommy Sandoval, John Fitzgerald, Dane Vaughn, Keelan Dadd, Stevie Williams, Jamie Thomas, Dane Burman, Lenny Rivas, Kyle Fredrick, Josiah Gatlyn, Chris Cole, and more tore up the park and hung out with all the fans at the Fresh ‘Till Death tour stop here at Skatepark of Tampa.


Watch the DGK skate team takeover Woodward Skate Camp!

Jack Curtin: LRG: DGK