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Check out Dennis Busenitz in Volcom’s road-tested: Season 2, Skate Episode 4.

Featuring Music By:

Jeff The Brotherhood – album: Heavy Days – http://infinitycat.com/
~ “Heavy Days”
~ “dreamscape”

Premonition 13 – album: 13 – http://vol.cm/oggIhr
~ “La Hechicera de la Jeringa”



Copenhagen & Paris Yardsale

Lots of shit went down over in Paris & Copenhagen that didn’t make the ol’ edits. This yardsale has some of the extras for you.

Maloof Money Cup 5 Pro Finals Semi Round Jam 1 – Dennis Busenitz and Justin Figueroa

Dennis Busenitz & Justin Figueroa’s jam during the semi-finals in Maloof Money Cup 5 in New York June 2011.

Dennis Busenitz Winning Run Tampa Pro 2011

Just like the last time Busenitz won it, I almost lost my voice at the end of his run. Paul Zitzer put it nice and simple: “Everyone was doing hard tricks. Dennis was skateboarding.” He didn’t even show up this weekend until today. Here’s his run in the Finals that blew the doors off the place and had people throwing their boards into the course afterwards. Hell yeah, Boozentits. Nyjah had it locked in until Dennis came and killed it. Damn, another second. It’s pretty indisputable, though