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Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee is a very popular fighter in his native Thailand. Currently training out of Sor Klinmee Gym in Chonburi, Sudsakorn is the reigning Thailand and World Kickboxing Network Muay Thai Welterweight world champion.


De La Riva Guard – Pass, Sweep, Submission, Defense and Berimbolo.

De La Riva Guard – Pass, Sweep, Submission and Defense And even the berimbolo.

Ramon Lemos – Atos – on triangle choke escapes and defence

Ramon Lemos of team Atos, demonstrates some quick tips on how to escape or counter the infamous Trianlge choke. Ramon currently oversees the BJJ training of UFC Champion Anderson Silva. This was filmed just after the match between Anderson and Chael Sonnen at the legendary Black House Gym. Stay tuned for an interview with Ramon Lemos coming soon.

For more information on Ramon Lemos visit: http://www.atosjj.com and to contact Ramon for seminars or classes email him at: ramonlemosjj@gmail.com


Canelo Alvarez slip training session


Manny Pacquiao Offense & Defense

Recent fights showcasing Pacman’s offense & defense.