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Single Leg to Hip Toss

Cary Kolat Demonstrates Wrestling Technique – Freestyle Offense – Turning The Basic Takedowns Into 3 Point Moves – Single Leg Come Up To Inside Grip Hip Toss.

Cary Kolat Demonstrates – Single Leg Shoulder Roll

Cary Kolat Demonstrates Wrestling Technique – Collegiate Offense – Single Leg Series – Shoulder Roll Attack Below Hips. Visit KOLAT.COM Your 24/7 Wrestling Coach! 1900 CLIPS and GROWING! KOLAT.COM Wrestling Techniques Moves Instruction.

Split Step Level Change KOLAT.COM Wrestling Techniques Moves Instruction

Cary Kolat teaches a Split Step Level Change Drill. KOLAT.COM 2112 clips and growing. The first and largest online wrestling library. Join KOLAT.COM to access the incredible video library. Find thousands of more collegiate and freestyle takedowns and throws at http://kolat.com