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One-Arm Push Up Progression

In this video, Coach Carl discusses the reasons and benefits of doing one-arm push ups and breaks down the progression for this movement. The one-arm push up progression is simply a mix of all of the push up variations with a focus on resisting rotation and proper pushing mechanics.



JUICE of BeastMode 200

Juice in the gym back to basics touching expect the weights – 200. Doc had set-up this scene, Zef added on to it, and BeastMode caps it off to finish it. But, we’re not finish with it just yet!

NBXA 2011: Freestyle calisthenics

NBXA 2011: Freestyle calisthenics

Handstand Push-ups, Scales, Kipps, Strict

Handstand Push-up Modifications

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Entrenamiento Por La Tarde, Dia 30 ago 2011



Shadow, Mitts, Bagwork, Conditioning

Shadow, Bagwork