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The Battle – Part 1 – Bruno Bastos – Nova Uniao USA

ProLogue to a multi-part mini-documentary about Bruno Bastos,Nova Uniao black belt, as he goes on a rollercoaster ride of several compeitions in a 6.5 week period. Be sure to subscrbe to this page for updates and a new video coming soon. Also go to www.BrunoBastosjj.com

Nova Uniao Black Belt Bruno BAstos has taken a fight in his new hometown of Midland / Odessa, TX. He must now prepare to fight while juggling duties as a teacher at his new academy, and as one of the leaders of Nova Uniao USA.


Vinicius Magalhaes vs. Bruno Bastos at $4000 Grapplers Quest All Star Submission Grappling

2009 Grapplers Quest All-Star Pro Challenge battle between TUF Season 8 competitor Vinicius “Pezao” Magalhaes and Bruno Bastos from Nova Uniao on June 27th, 2009. GRAPPLERS QUEST, The World’s Largest and Most Prestigious Submission Grappling Tournament hosts the official U.S. Nationals of Sport Grappling in Morristown, NJ on Saturday, June 27th, 2009. Grapplers Quest wants the sport of Submission Grappling to grow worldwide and with sharing this footage for free, we hope it will bring more people into the sport for many years to come. We will bring you the BEST matches from all our events on our website at: http://www.GrapplersQuest.com