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Braulio Estima – Triangle Magic – BJJ Weekly Issue #116

In Braulio’s last week he does not disappoint. Braulio has been following a sequence for the past few weeks based off a sweep. This week he combines the sweep, triangle and hip bump sweep all into one. This series is very high percentage and once mastered it will become a deadly part of your arsenal.



Braulio Estima – Sweep From Guard Progression – BJJ Weekly Issue #114

Braulio Estima joins us for his second week displaying a follow up to last weeks technique. Remember, once you have your opponents posture broken and off balance, there is always another option. Try this weeks technique but remember to go for number one setup first and then transition to this.

Xande Ribeiro – Rolling Reflections – BJJ Weekly Issue #110

Pete fought Xande Ribeiro at this years World Pro in the quarter finals of the open division. Pete was ahead on advantages but Xande kept cool and caught Pete with 45 seconds left on the clock. Pete talks about his strategy during the fight and it’s very insightful to see what’s going through his head during the match. This is a Rolling Reflections you won’t want to miss!

Leg Lasso – JT Torres – Alexey Cruz- BJJ Weekly Issue #103, #104

The leg lasso can be a real pain to deal with, especially with a strong, long legged opponent. This week, we welcome Jonathan “JT” Torres from team Lloyd Irvin. JT does a phenomenal job of executing a high percentage pass, leg dragging and passing his opponents guard.

Last week, JT Torres showed us a nice guard pass when someone wraps your arm from open guard. In this week’s Power Play, Alexey Cruz shows us the proper mechanics to the leg lasso. It is important that once you secure the position, you keep your knee open. If your opponent closes your knee then your offense will be nullified.

JT Torres – Opposite Side Shin Slide Pass – BJJ Weekly Issue #106

This month JT Torres showed us some very high percentage techniques. In his final week he teaches a guard pass that will leave your opponent struggling to escape. It is important to isolate your opponent’s legs. If you follow this outline you will be passing stronger and more effectively guaranteed!