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Leandro Lo @ Copa Pódio

As you’ll see once you get your hands on issue 178 of GRACIEMAG, on its way to bookstores the world over, Leandro Lo was elected great Jiu-Jitsu revelation of 2011. As the season wound to a close, the São Paulo native made it clear the magazine is good luck for him, as he put on another stellar display, at Copa Pódia, where he faced Claudio Caloquinha (GB BH). Watch how it went.

Check out another of Leandro Lo’s matches from last Saturday, on his way to winning the Copa Pódio lightweight GP and the 5,000-Brazilian real prize that came with it. In the group stage, the São Paulo native outpointed Ed Ramos by 7 to 0. Check it out:


Rafael Mendes- Atos Jiu-Jitsu


Rafael Mendes Atos Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Champion in a preliminary match at the 2010 IBJJF World Championships

Graciemag.com: Guilherme Mendes’ Kimura, Rafael Mendes’ triangle choke


Guilherme Mendes mostra uma criativa finalização na kimura especialmente para os leitores de GRACIEMAG.COM / Guilherme Mendes shows a creative kimura submission specially for GRACIEMAG.com


Rafael Mendes mostra aos leitores do GRACIEMAG.com uma surpreendente e belo triângulo / Rafael mendes shows to GRACIEMAG.com readers a surprising and beautiful triangle choke

Andre Galvao

Atos Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Champion and Absolute Pan Jiu-Jitsu Champion Andre Galvao

ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes

Semi Final Match of -66 kg Division

ADCC 2009 Leo Vieira x Rafael Mendes SEMI FINAL

Leonardo Vieira ( Leozinho ) was a former teacher of Rafael Mendes and in this ADCC 2009 they met in this Semi Final and Rafael won.