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Arm Lock from Cross Guard | Helvecio Penna (De La Riva) | Jits Magazine

Helvecio Penna is one of the main instructors at De La Riva HQ in Rio de Janeiro. He is also one of the most unique jiu-jitsu athletes because although he is over 50 years of age, he still competes many times per year in top tournaments and at times, even in the adult division and does well.



Robson Moura Arm Bar Attack

Robson reveals three different arm bar attacks, transitioning from one to the other, maintaining control all the way. Each of these rely on joint locks, train with care!

Knee on belly to arm lock

Robson Moura demonstrates a great jiu jitsu technique, moving from knee on belly from side control, with belt control to a far side armlock or joint lock. If this doesn’t work, transition to an omoplata for the next submission. Don’t forget to subscribe – share your comments – and like if you do!


Robson Moura – No-Gi Reverse Triangle From Half Guard

Working from half guard or deep half guard – Robson shows how to move to a reverse triangle. If the opponent rolls or avoids the triangle, tuck the arm against your head for a straight arm bar!

Robson Moura Half Guard Escape to Omoplata or Armlock

Here, Robson demonstrates moving out of half guard to an omoplata or an armlock. This is great when your opponents has been holding you tight – but you can make space by pushing back with your arms and leg.