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Street League 2012: Heats On Demand – Stop 3 Arizona Semifinals

Street League presents “Heats On Demand” from Stop 3 in Glendale Arizona. This Semifinals with Bastien Salabanzi, David Gonzalez, Sean Malto, Shane O’Neill, Mikey Taylor & Chaz Ortiz. For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street league DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com


CrossFit Games 2010 – San Diego Arizona Sectionals Day2 Highlights


Robson Moura VS Nobuhiko Kitahara

t the 5th Arizona Open BJJ tournament hosted by Gustavo Dantas, Robson showed what a great practictioner he was in his win over Kitahara Japan BJJ Champion. They are both great champions and true masters