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Rafael Mendes v Joao Miyao – ADCC China – 2013 – 66kg Semi-Final

66kg semi between Rafael Mendes and Joao Miyao at ADCC China 2013


Judo Grand Prix Jeju 2013: Day 2

Judo Grand Prix Jeju 2013
Location: Jeju (KOR)
Date: 5-6 Dec 2013


Tampa Am 2013 Day 1 – Practice

Here we go, Tampa Am is officially underway and it didn’t disappoint. Top Am’s came from around the world to get their practice in before the qualifiers on Friday. To top things off, we end the day with the Welcome to Tampa Party where we danced our faces off and had one to many PBR’s. Thank you everyone for a great start to a great weekend. Subscribe to RIDE so you don’t miss out on any Tampa Am coverage to come.


Andre Galvao Worlds 2013 Training |CHIMPIX

Andre Galvao Conditioning training for the 2013 World Championships.


Tallinn Training Hall 2013 Outtakes

A bunch of random clips. Russians, Polish, etc. Maligov, Naniev, Sidakov, Akhmetova, Michalski, etc.