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Olympic Weightlifting


6 a.m. Workout from the CrossFit Trainers Summit

6 a.m. Workout from the CrossFit Trainers Summit


Tallinn Training Hall 2013 Outtakes

A bunch of random clips. Russians, Polish, etc. Maligov, Naniev, Sidakov, Akhmetova, Michalski, etc.



Chekhov Russia Training Hall – Sept 20th, 2013

No big lifts per se but this gives you an impression of what the training hall atmosphere is like at the Chekhov Russia training hall.


Elbow Position -The Jerk – Kendrick Farris and Cara Heads Slaughter

Olympians Kendrick Farris and Cara Heads Slaughter talk about elbow position in the clean and in the jerk.


Best of Weightlifting “Russia vs. Iran” – 2013

Best of Weightlifting “Russia vs. Iran” – 2013 – Olympic Weightlifting, Men +105 kg