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Girl Skateboards

King of the Road Classics – Girl

In 2004, Girl had an all-star roster of skaters on King of the Road. Although they weren’t able to take home the crown, they did put together a classic part for the video.



Lakai Limited Footwear Presents:
Extra Voltage (Extra footage from ‘Lakai Voltage tour video”)

Edited by:
Federico Vitetta

Filmed by:
Federico Vitetta / Mark Nickels

Additional footage:
Lakai team

Marc Johnson
Guy Mariano
Brandon Biebel
Cairo Foster
Vincent Alvarez
Rick Howard
Mike Carroll
Mike Mo Capaldi
JB Gillet
Jesus Fernandez
Danny Brady
Nick Jensen
Daniel Espinoza
Riley Hawk
Raven Tershy

Summer 2010
Germany, Switzerland and France.


“Sheep” by Gonjasufi

Crailtap’s Clip of the Day. Riley and Ronnie.

Clip of the Day. When the Pedro kids come up, let the air show commence. Riley and Ronnie go Mega.

dqm demo: Girl and Lakai


Crailtap’s Mini DV Drawer, Yeah Right! years

We dug a little deeper (as in the drawer below the Mini DV Drawer). We found two Yeah Right! tapes. One filmed by Tim Dowling. And that’s how these things are going to go, if they’re going to go at all. Short and weird. Featuring Mike Carroll, Scott Johnston, Tony Ferguson, Robbie McKinely, Stevie William and Richard Mulder.