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UFC Undisputed 3 – Frankie Edgar

From dissecting and dismantling BJ Penn twice to his amazing resurrection versus Gray Maynard, Edgar has proven himself as the top lightweight in the world.


Wrestling Techniques: Single Leg to Hip Toss

Cary Kolat Demonstrates Wrestling Technique – Freestyle Offense – Turning The Basic Takedowns Into 3 Point Moves – Single Leg Come Up To Inside Grip Hip Toss.

Dan Gable 1972 Olympic Special

Dan GableĀ 

1972 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medalist
3x Iowa HS Champion, Waterloo HS
2x NCAA National Champion, Iowa State
3x NCAA National Finalist
182-1 HS and College Record. Lost last college match.
1971 Freestyle World Champion
1972 Olympic Freestyle Gold Medalist
15x Coach NCAA National Champion University of Iowa

Options off the Single Leg, Sprawl and Turning the Corner, collar ties, elbow ties, grips, proper head control, under hooks, over hooks and whizzer control

READ THE DESCRIPTION: This is the FIRST part of the the video tutorial on the Single Leg. Here Nick focuses on distance, proper grib and the importance of hips, grips and head. Part 2 will focus on the takedown and turning the corner. We have made an effort to keep this SIMPLE so many Jiu Jitsu students can use this!

This video is part 2 of options off the single leg. Here Nick shows how to transition between take downs, what to do when your partner sprawls and how to battle to turn the corner.

Here Nick talks about collar ties, elbow ties, grips, proper head control (using your head), under hooks, over hooks and whizzer control.

Double Leg Take Down Defense: Staggered Stance / Whizzer Throw (pt 1)

This is part one of our new Wrestling for MMA (Jiu Jitsu) series. Ari Taub is a 2008 Beijing Olympic Wrestler for Team Canada and the CEO of Hard Knocks Fighting Championship . In part one, Ari shows how to defend the double leg takedown with a staggered stance and whizzer counter and throw.