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Robson Moura Nova Uniao

RMNU: Kids: Flying Armbar

RMNU: Kids: Flying Armbar



Na pegada do MMA

Nova Uniao

Gravação da música feita pelo Gabriel Moura, para o nosso documentário “Lutando para Vencer”, sobre o crescimento do MMA no Brasil, com o mestre André Pederneiras, em breve video clip.

Direção : Leandro Lima
Fotografia : Pablo Hoffmann
Câmera: Gabriel Hoffmann
Som direto: Evandro Lima
Assistente de som : Mãoli

Nova Uniao





















Robson Moura‪ – Reverse De LA Riva Sweep – BJJ Weekly Issue #097‬


Robson recently shot a very nice technique for us. He addresses the reverse De La Riva position, a position being widely used right now in sport jiu-jitsu. This setup will make your opponent feel like they can pass but as you load their weight the sweep happens fast and the finish happens even faster. Check it out!


Exclusive Upper Brazil: Nova Uniao training

Nova Uniao

Outdoor training of Nova Uniao fighters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check how is the preparation of Jose Aldo Junior, Eduardo Dantas, Hacran Dias, Carlo Indio, Hernani Perpetuo, from UFC and Bellator.

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Nova Uniao

Fighting to win: the documentary about the growth of MMA

The film will show the growth of MMA in Brazil and in the world through the work of the Andre Pederneiras, voted the best coach in the MMA world in 2010.

The vale tudo, which originated in Brazil with the Gracie Family, are now known as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and have become world renown. The Brazilian coach Andre Pederneiras is the leader of Nova Uniao, one of the most famous teams in the world. The lives of Pederneiras’s fighters follow a similar story: childhood poverty, desintegration of the family unit and abandonment. With MMA, the athletes fight to win and hopefully change their destinies.

The documentary “Fighting to Win” (provisonary title) will show these stories and also the backstage at the biggest MMA events, like UFC and Bellator. The film is being shot in Brazil, the United States and Europe. Furthermore, there will be interviews with world icons, such as Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian and UFC ring annoucer Bruce Buffer.

The movie is direct by Leandro Lima and Roberta Salomone and produced by Vinicius Donola and Ana Abreu. “Fighting to Win” is scheduled to premiere in 2012.

if you want to sponsor the documentary, contact Dello Sport or via email at info@upperbrazil.com.