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Archive for 04/02/2013


2009 China National Weightlifting, 62 Kg Class

DJ Jackson Guard Passing Conditioning Drill

Here is one of the drills we have DJ do to help his pressure passing style that is designed to wear down and break his opponents.


Jessica Block Clean Double 106 kg

Jessica does a clean double from the blocks with 106 kg (234 lbs). Jerk dip to finish.

CrossFit – Reviewing the Snatch – Mike Burgener

Coach Mike Burgener of Mike’s Gym reviews the key points of the snatch during an Olympic Lifting Certification held March 7-8, 2009, at CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria, Va.

Coach B’s instructions: when lifting the bar from the floor, keep a constant back angle while getting the knees out of the way. The whole purpose of the first part of the lift is to get to the ideal jumping position at mid-thigh, and if you change the back angle too soon you remove the opportunity for a powerful jump and successful lift.

With correct mechanics off the floor, you’ll reach mid-thigh in the right position for a re-bending of the knees during an aggressive jump that uses an “eccentric pattern” as you explode and drive the bar upward.

Video by Again Faster.


Technology of Sport: Heavy weightlifting with English Subtitles

Great insight into weightlifting as a sport. It covers few greatest moments of the 2011 European Championship and reveals how a lot of those victories were achieved.