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Archive for 02/04/2013

The Evolution of De la Riva: From ‘Pudim’ to Berimbolo

Ricardo de la Riva is the creator of one of the most popular positions in modern jiu-jitsu. The DLR guard is no longer an exotic guard reserved for a few elite players; it is now a standard weapon in almost every grappler’s arsenal.

Fashionable techniques like the berimbolo, as popularised by grapplers such as the Mendes and the Miyao brothers, all begin from the DLR guard. But how does De la Riva himself feel about the evolution of the position that bears his name?

Visit De la Riva’s website at http://www.delariva.com.br



The Battle – Part 1 – Bruno Bastos – Nova Uniao USA

ProLogue to a multi-part mini-documentary about Bruno Bastos,Nova Uniao black belt, as he goes on a rollercoaster ride of several compeitions in a 6.5 week period. Be sure to subscrbe to this page for updates and a new video coming soon. Also go to www.BrunoBastosjj.com

Nova Uniao Black Belt Bruno BAstos has taken a fight in his new hometown of Midland / Odessa, TX. He must now prepare to fight while juggling duties as a teacher at his new academy, and as one of the leaders of Nova Uniao USA.