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Archive for 01/08/2013

Wanderlei Silva – UFC Japan – Video #2 – Here We Go Again

Wanderlei Silva trains at Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas as his training camp begins. Getting ready for his next fight against Brian Stann at UFC Japan March 02.


Wrestling – #5 Iowa 29, #21 Purdue 9


Pressure: Guilherme Mendes – Top Game

Pressure: Guilherme Mendes Top Game | The Jiu Jitsu Laboratory

Maintaining your position – Gustavo Dantas

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Nova Uniao USA chief, Gustavo Dantas, gives you an in-depth explanation of how to maintain a position before attacking or doing anything else. He uses the z-guard as an example position.

Part 2 of the Dantas series.

Part 3 of the Dantas series.

Part 4 of the Dantas series.

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Nova Uniao


Lloyd Irvin’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Micro Transitional Drilling System Explained

Lloyd Irvin explains his transitional drilling system and demonstrates 2 of these systems 1. for a clock choke and 2. for a back attack finish