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Big Un (UnderBuild) 3rd Annual Calisthenics Tournament of 2010. This is a old video so a lot of the teams, and participants have changed overall, some have even disappeared. It was a remarkable event just thought we’d share it with the world.
Their was one round in each category. They are 3 categories. Push ups, Pull Ups. Dips. You are judged on creativity, originality, strength, endurance, but you must perform the basic of the exercise at least some point during your routine for example pull up portion must include regular pull ups, push up portion must include regular push ups. 4 Judges give you a score of 1 – 10 at the end all your points are added together then top 3 is picked. First place prize was 2000$ Second place prize was 1000$ Third place prize was 500$ It got to dark to film the push up portion so we weren’t able to provide it to you, sorry.


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