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Archive for 08/15/2012

Braulio Estima – Sweep From Guard Progression – BJJ Weekly Issue #114

Braulio Estima joins us for his second week displaying a follow up to last weeks technique. Remember, once you have your opponents posture broken and off balance, there is always another option. Try this weeks technique but remember to go for number one setup first and then transition to this.


Street League 2012: Bastien Salabanzi Highlights

Bastien Salabanzi is in the 2012 Street League Championship on August 26th in Newark New Jersey. Check out his highlights from the first three stops. For more videos, information and to buy tickets to the 2012 Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy visit www.streetleague.com

08 77 Kg Snatch

08 77 Kg Snatch

Firing Line: Paul Rodriguez

One of the best street skaters at one of the best street spots.