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Archive for 07/11/2012

Sweep to Crucifix – Jean Jacques Machado Instructional

BJJ legend, Jean Jacques Machado shows one of his favorite sweeps when someone is about to pass your guard and you reverse with a slick sweep to crucifix.

The Evolution of a Champion: Fernando Vieira Mini-Documentary – Jits Magazine

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Fernando Vieira is a Cristiano Carioca black belt from Manaus. He is a 3x world champion and the 2012 World Pro champion. One of the most naturally talented grappler’s out there, Fernando has decided to move to Toronto, Canada to train and teach at Evolucao Thai and take his BJJ and MMA career to the next level.


Cobrinha – triangle variations

www.rubenscharles.com presents Cobrinha demonstrating a series of variations on the triangle when the opponent hides his arm.

Robson Moura – Reverse Triangle From Half Guard – No-Gi

Robson Moura – Reverse Triangle From Half Guard – No-Gi

Working from half guard or deep half guard – Robson shows how to move to a reverse triangle. If the opponent rolls or avoids the triangle, tuck the arm against your head for a straight arm bar!

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Training with Freddy Roach at Wildcard Gym

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Shows Heart, Willpower, and Strength in the Gym