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Archive for 06/13/2012

Maui Babe: Thrasher Magazine

No question, these guys had a blast in Hawaii. Kick back and enjoy the ride with Drehobl, Partanen, Navs, Manderson, and others.
As seen in the July mag.

The fun continues out in Maui as Navs, Drehobl, MAnderson and crew get their licks on some local spots and the new Grindline park in Lahaina before its grand opening.


Crailtap’s Retro Clip of the Day. Yes We Canada

Mo and Malto’s first Girl trip (we even spelled Malto’s name wrong), Sherm pre Blastoff, and some Koston and Crankers ripping. This is one helped solidify the tour video straight to the Internet model that we’ve been running with every since. Make sure to watch it to the end for Mo and Malto’s intro to the team section. Circa ’06.


Establishing Cross Guard with Gustavo Dantas

The basic setup to the Cross Guard is from the closed guard position. There are other ways to get to it, but Gustavo’s going to show us how to do it from the closed guard position.

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Fedor Emelianenko is ready for his MMA fight with Pedro Rizzo June 21th, 2012

Fedor Emelianenko is ready for his MMA fight with Pedro Rizzo June 21th, 2012