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Classics: Jim Greco “Misled Youth”

Zero helped establish the no-filler, all-gnarly skate video part. This suited Greco’s skating just fine. Dakota Servold introduces a 1999 classic, and rightfully points out one of the best back 360s ever.

UFC 147: Fabricio Werdum Pre-fight Interview

“If he gives me the opportunity, I’m going to submit him.” Fabricio Werdum discusses his matchup with Mike Russow at UFC® 147, and talks about what makes the heavyweight division so dangerous.

SUPERFIGHT Vinicius Magalhaes vs Daniel Valverde

Main event Grapplers Quest Superfight held Friday, July 10th, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center. TUF Season 8 competitor Vinicius “Pezao” Magalhaes faces off against Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach at Team Nogueira Daniel Valverde.

Planche Progression

Planche Progression Pt.1

In this series Coach Carl introduces the Planche hold and goes through a number of progressions to help you find the proper positions and build up strength to achieve this movement.

In this first video, Carl breaks down the arm and shoulder positions focusing on wrist flexibility and locking out the elbows while developing shoulder strength in leaning forward. To challenging the position, Carl trains the same movement with feet on the box, feet on bands, or just one foot on the band for additional degrees of freedom.

In this video, Carl uses the teeter to get into a frog stand, and the works on separating the knees from the elbows to get exposed to loading the shoulders without flinching.

In this video, Carl continues to scale the loading of the shoulders, hip, and back by slowly lifting the knees off the ground, then the feet, and then flattening out the back to get exposed to the positional strength required for a planche.

In this video, Carl demonstrates how to work on building strength and control throughout full range of motion so you can get from a freestanding Handstand down to the Planche hold. Carl uses the squat rack and a band again and a variation of a Cast to Handstand drill to enable quick repetitions while allowing you to focus on slowing down the movement as you would to get into a Planche at the bottom.

In this video, Carl demonstrates how to build up your straddle hold while in hip extension with some bands. Getting a wide straddle hold is important as it is the first leg position you’ll be working on with your no-assistance Planche hold.



2010 World Weightlifting, 85 Kg Snatch

2010 World Weightlifting, 85 Kg Snatch