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Archive for 06/02/2012

Serg Kettlebell Juggling Coin Toss

Serg Derevenets breaks another Kettlebell Juggling Feat Record!! The 32kg/70lb kettlebell on edge flips called “coin toss”.

CrossFit – “Powerlifting: Maximal Effort Method” (Journal Preview)

CrossFit – “Powerlifting: Maximal Effort Method” (Journal Preview)

Full Clip Friday #2

Full Clip Friday #2

Jessie Humeston 100 kg power clean and jerk

Jessie Humeston 100 kg power clean and jerk

IronMind 1998 Training Hall: Unbelievable Bulgarians

Ivanov c&j’s 175kgs, Tanev clean and jerks 205, Gardev snatches 170, Boevski back squats 250