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UFC Primetime: Jones vs. Evans Episode 1

Watch the evolution of Jon Jones and Rashad Evans’ rivalry, then go inside training camps as they prepare to meet again…. this time as opponents.

Pan Ams 2012, Guillerme Mendes vs Henrique Rezende

Mendes Bros

Pan2012 BJJ. mens adult semi finals. Guillerme mendes (atos) vs henrique rezende (alliance)

Pan Ams 2012 – Gui Mendes vs Bruno Malfacine

Mendes Bros

Gui mendes vs Bruno Malfacine

Pan Ams 2012 – Rafael Mendes x Justin Rader

Mendes Bros

Rafael Mendes x Justin Rader

Pan Ams 2012



Randy Couture’s Hall of Fame career and legendary status makes him a “natural” at breaking down the sport to which he’s dedicated his life. In this episode of The Takedown, Couture weighs in on the always fluid pound for pound debate including an eye-opening analysis of light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.