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Tampa Pro 2012 Behind the Scenes

So much went down during Tampa Pro from Thursday to Sunday. I had my phone out and filming the whole time. It was hard to condense everything down. In this edition of Rob Meronek’s Cell Phone Edits, we have:

The TM and Industry VIP Contest.
The empty Tampa Am Vert Contest.
Chris Haslam working on some old car.
The People’s Temple and Black Lips.
A little bit of the bid’niss and production meetings and how damn fun it is to work at SPoT.
Brian Schaefer giving SPoT tats.
A search to bust some ticket scalpers who sold fake tickets for $100.
A bit of webcast rehersal.
DJ Wade’s performance.
Mike V’s battle with the wall #1 including the clip that Rob Dyrdek tweeted about.
Weezy trying to throw greetings to the judges while they’re working. They ignore him because this job is serious.
Body discussing how we are all Ryan Sheckler fans.
Tunechi’s impromptu demo in the back.
The Moat Race as seen from our offices.
Harmony Korine hanging out.
Weezy feeling Odd Future and Waka Flocka.
Sean Malto’s amazing nose manny to nosegrind and how he made it up last minute.
An interview with the receiver of crazy tats.
Mike Vallely getting lifted.
A bit of the awards.
Head judge Jason Rothmeyer’s report on the Slap Message Board sentiment after the results were announced.
Shout out to the Maintenance Department crew.
A chat with a lurking drunk girl.
Drunk antics at the Arnette After-Party.
Ryan Sheckler getting girl mobbed in the streets of Ybor.
Jack Moran trying to get a kiss.
B-list actresses who can’t get their lines right.
Fred Gall getting DFL in the Contest and on the dance floor.
Our early morning meeting Monday morning to figure out how we can make Tampa Pro even better next year.
And more! Wow, what a weekend. Thanks to everyone that was a part of Tampa Pro and helped us do what we love doing.

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