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Archive for 03/24/2012

Thrasher Death Match 2012 – SXSW


Live music, mini-ramp madness, movie stars, and many a woman made Thrasher’s SXSW Death Match the place to be. If you didn’t make it out, here’s a taste of what you missed. Start planning for next year…

CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.5


WOD 12.5 is finally here to mark the end of the Reebok CrossFit Games Open. Thanks to this WOD being a repeat from last year, I actually got to get down to business with my friend Carlos Andrade with CrossFit Guayaquil to breakdown and actual warm up for you.

We will be back for Regionals!


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Pan Jiu Jitsu Training Camp 2012 – Atos

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1 week before the biggest tournament in the world, we visit Atos Jiu Jtisu in San Diego to meet up with Andre Galvao and the Mendes Brothers to get a sneek peak at their Pan Jiu Jitsu training camp.

Featuring Claudio Calasans, Andre Galvao, Guillehreme Mendes, RAfael Mendes, Brian Morizi and Mike Carbullido.

The 2012 Pan Jiu Jitsu camp will be broadcasting live March 29th April 1st with our exclusive Multi Mat technology where every fight over the course of 4 days will be shown.

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