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Archive for 02/21/2012

Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes – Ankle Pick Takedown with Guard Pass – BJJ Weekly #057

http://www.bjjweekly.com – Tanquinho shares a takedown that he really likes to use during tournaments. This technique takes advantage of the fact that many guys like to pull guard in BJJ tournaments. Tanquinho sets up the ankle pick by faking the guard pull. He follows up with the details he uses to pass guard after the takedown.



Riley Hawk teamed up with his boy Jacob Nunez old school VX style to produce this amazing feature for the Linden.

Riley Hawk

Filmed by:
Jacob Nunez

Edited by:
Aaron Meza

Visual Effects by:
Johannes Gamble

Music: “Broke Down” by Radio Moscow

Buy this song through iTunes using this link: