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Renan Barao wants a title shot

Renan Barao

Renan Barao

Renan Barão wrote another victory to his professional record as he overcame the tough Scott Jorgensen at UFC 143, in Las Vegas, and talked to TATAME TV right after leaving the cage, and revealed he almost gave it up on fighting because he was feeling ill 15 days before the event. “I thought about giving it up, but I’ve talked to Andre I had an appointment in the UFC and that I would fight”, tells Renan, who also commented on his game plan coming into UFC’s octagon, answering Dominick Cruz’s statements to TATAME Magazine. Check it:

How was the feeling of winning one of the most important bouts of your entire career?

It was really great, I trained a lot. I was kinda sick like 15 days before the fight. My throat was aching, I was kinda feverish, I thought about giving it up, but I’ve talked to Andre (Pederneiras) I had an appointment in the UFC and that I would fight. Andre trusted me and thank God it worked out.

That was the game plan set for this fight?

Yeah. In the beginning I wasn’t doing it correctly, but then I started following the game plan set by Pederneiras, that included moving to my right and using my legs to counterattack. God blessed me and everything worked out just fine once again.

Renan Barao

Renan Barao

Dominick Cruz said, on a previous interview, that you might meet sooner of later. How do you feel about that?

I’m really happy he said that. It’ll be awesome fighting him, and not because I want to fight him, but because he is the champion and I wanna fight the champion, have a chance at the title and that’s it. I’m really happy. It’s great happiness. God’ been pretty kind to me, and not only today, but in my entire life and it’s all good.

Send a message for your fans in Brazil who cheered for you.

Thank you everybody who helped me. I’d like to send my love to my team Nova Uniao in Natal, all the guys there, we’re together on this. Also my fans too… I’ll train more and I’ll try to be better next time and put a great show for you guys to watch. Thank you



Nova Uniao

Nova Uniao

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