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2012 Colorado State Weightlifting Championships

We had two lifters compete in the meet, Dan Andrews and Steve (Scuba) Hegarty. They both lifted extremely well. Dan went 5 for 6, snatching 82 kg and lifting 113 kg in the C&J, for a total of 195 kg. The C&J and the total were both PRs. Scuba snatched 118 kg for a PR and had a great C&J opener at 132 kg. He missed his second C&J due to a wardrobe malfunction, and then barely left the third jerk attempt out front. So he was credited with a 250 kg total, which tied his previous PR.

Dan is the Colorado State Champion in the 77 kg weight class. Scuba finished on the podium as well, earning a silver medal in the 94 kg weight class. He competed against the 2010 85 kg National Champion Zack Krych, who is currently a resident athlete at the OTC.

It was a great weekend for FRCF.


Front Range Sports Performance & Fitness

Front Range Sports Performance & Fitness



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