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Ricardo De La Riva – Knee Lapel Sweep – Hook Sweep – Sweep V 2.0 – Sweep V 2.1

Ricardo De La Riva shows us how he sets up a basic DLR sweep from guard. Notice how he moves his hips outside of his opponents leg to make room for him to slide in the DLR hook. If you don’t make space by moving your hips you may not be able to get the hook set properly.

It’s important to get the push/pull timing down so make sure to practice plenty of reps. The DLR guard in general relies on a lot of precise positioning and timing, if you are forcing the sweep something isn’t right.

Ricardo De La Riva shows us a nice reverse hook sweep using the standard DLR as a setup but sweeping with the opposite hook. This set up is a little different because you are using the same side sleeve grips. Your second hook comes in over the top of the arm and then under the hamstring. Off balance your opponent and then make space for the sweep by scooting your hips away. Finish in side control.

Ricardo De La Riva shares the details on one of his sweeps from the DLR guard. In this sweep make sure when you trap the angle you keep his knee from turning to the outside. If you have trouble clearing the body, use the second variation where you step on your opponents shoulder. Obviously, the sleeve grip is absolutely critical to keep while executing this sweep.

One common defense against last weeks DLR sweep is for your opponent to move forward and stuff the sweep. Watch how De La Riva brings his hook back and comes across his opponents hips to finish the sweep to the opposite side. Try drilling the first sweep and this one together till it becomes smooth.

Ricardo De La Riva

Ricardo De La Riva














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