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Archive for 01/11/2012

Street Beers

P-Stone threw together a sick clip from last year with everyone from Ben Raemers to Div Adams ripping street, pools, and DIY ‘crete.

CrossFit – “The Burpee Pull-up” with Greg Amundson

Join Greg Amundson at a Law Enforcement Officer Training Seminar (LEO) as he demonstrates the Burpee Pull-up, as known as the GI Jane Pull-up.

Erick Silva’s Secret Weapon for UFC RIO


He needed just 40 seconds to land an epic overhand right to the jaw of Luis Ramos to make an impressive debut at UFC® 134.  Now Silva faces the dangerous Carlo Prater who is hungry for a victory, but Silva has an extremely powerful ally in his camp.  Catch this epic battle live on Pay-Per-View on UFC Rio™:  Aldo vs Mendes, Saturday January 14, at our new time of 10PM/7PM.  Tickets are still available.



When Jose Aldo needed to fine-tune his wrestling skills he called on a very qualified friend:  none other than Gray Maynard.  The two met at UFC® 136, and today Aldo is tapping Maynard’s expertise as he preps for UFC RIO™ and his main event bout with Chad Mendes.  Watch these two dangerous opponents face off live on Pay-Per-View on UFC RIO™: ALDO vs. MENDES

Jamie Varner shows the wall-walk

WEC Lightweight champion Jamie Varner demonstrates the always useful wall-walk technique, to escape from being against the cage and put yourself in a better position. This technique was shown at Jamie Varner’s Combat Academy in Long Island, NY.