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Andre Berto trains with sprint coach Remi Korchemny


Andre Berto trains with sprint coach Remi Korchemny, August 9th 2011
Remi Korchemny, PhD in Exercise Physiology. Remi is 78 years old and received his PhD from a University in the Ukraine in 1964. He came to the US in the early 1970’s and has been training world class sprinters for over 40 years.
Athletes that have trained with Remi include world champion sprinters Dwain Chambers, Chryste Gaines and Kelli White. He has also coached NFL All-Pro Linebacker Bill Rowanowski, MLB All-Star Marlon Byrd and world champion boxers Andre Ward and Nonito Donaire.
Remi started using his DRIVING RESISTANCE BAND training methods about 15 years ago. The DRIVING RESISTANCE BAND exercises are utilized to train the REVERSIBILITY OF EFFORTS. The purpose is to develop what he calls ELASTIC STRENGTH.
Muscles recognize stress by intensity, volume and direction of resistance they have to overcome and support in order to execute athletic skills. In practical application we use different definitions of strength activity. We train maximal strength, strength endurance, explosive strength and speed strength.
The neuromuscular system basically recognizes effort via eccentric and concentric contractions. The muscles have to utilize both efforts in our movements, so they need corresponding eccentric-concentric strength.
Remi trains athletes with the DRIVING RESISTANCE BAND to specifically help reduce the lapsed time between eccentric and concentric muscle contractions. He believes that improving ELASTIC STRENGTH is a major factor in SPEED DEVELOPMENT.
Sports nutritionist Victor Conte and Remi Korchemny have worked together training elite athletes for over 15 years.
There is more about SNAC athletes using driving resistance band training methods at the snac.com website.


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