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Jacque Payne and Jessie Humeston competing in Olympic Trials

Jessie Humeston
Jessie Humeston

Jessie Humeston

As you might know, 2012 is an Olympic year. We have several national level weightlifters who represent Front Range WLC. These athletes compete in a sport that takes 8-10 years of preparation to reach the Olympic level.  There is a lot that goes into training other than just the training itself. There is a support network of family, friends, training partners, coaches, nutrition and diet, injury prevention and management, oh… and not to mention the countless hours of training! We are very proud to say that two of our athletes, Jacque Payne and Jessie Humeston, will be competing in the Olympic Trials March 4th in Columbus, Ohio. Only a total of fifteen women in the United States will get the opportunity to compete in the Trials so kudos ladies!

Jacque Payne and Jessie Humeston

Jacque Payne

As of today, there are 63 days until the Trials so we will be having a daily countdown! These are the last few weeks of an incredible journey. Most Olympic level athletes break down their lives into quads, or four year periods. Everything revolves around training (school, work, family, friends, vacations, social outings etc…). It has been an awesome journey watching these two athletes grow and mature over the last several years. I would like to ask all of you to try and support Jacque and Jessie over the next few weeks to help them prepare for the biggest competition, so far, in their athletic careers. Just words of encouragement and letting them know their RRCF and Front Range WLC family is behind them!

Good luck ladies and a toast to an awesome 2012!

Congrats To Coach Paul Fleschler of RRCF and Front Range WLC

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Phone: 719.494.7900

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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games


Registration for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open starts Feb 1!

Pyrros Dimas training


Pyrros Dimas training power snatch, clean and front squat