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Archive for 12/26/2011

UFC: Submission of the Week: Alexander Gustafsson vs Cyrille Diabate

Alexander Gustafsson uses vicious Ground and Pound to set up a rear naked choke against Cyrille Diabate at UFC® 120.

King of the Road 2011 Webisode #5

The desert can have a strange effect on people. Dekline fights their way through Arizona weirdness, and Nick Merlino continues his mix of meltdowns and amazing skating.

Thrasher Magazine: Firing Line: Best of 2011

The trick choices and use of spots in a line say as much about a skater as their individual style. The best skaters in the world are now setting aside their footage for Firing Line. Just wait until next year!

The Ultimate Fighter Comes to Brazil


Climbing Triangle! Sean Roberts vs Luiz DeFranca

Men’s advanced absolute division action featuring Sean Roberts (Ralph Gracie) vs Luiz DeFranca (WFT/Kimura).