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Archive for 12/14/2011

Boards for Bros 2011: Our First Stop

Our friend Andreas works with kids in an outreach program and told us about a gathering he was having in Robles Park last Saturday with some kids from the area. We figured it was a good time to unload a bunch of Boards for Bros completes at once.

All year long, we collect used parts from skateboards that people leave behind in our Shop at Skatepark of Tampa. Some of our friends at our favorite companies also donate, too. At the end of the year, we form an assembly line, put all the boards together with whatever parts we can, then head to underprivledged neighborhoods of Tampa to give them out. It’s all in the name of our charity, Boards for Bros. This time around, we even had one of Shane O’Neil’s old boards in the pile. Watch closely and you may see one of your old decks get put to use here. Thanks to everyone that has contributed or helped with Boards for Bros along the way. These kids in the ghetto are so damn nice and appreciative of anything they can get. Think twice about what you have and what you make of it. Get more info at http://boardsforbros.org.

Check photos here: http://www.skateparkoftampa.com/spot/a.aspx?ID=1691

Classics: Jeremy Wray “Second Hand Smoke”

Skate history will be kind to Jeremy Wray. His flip-trick snap, bolts landings, and spot annihilation legacy are on display in this 1995 Plan B part. Chris Pfanner introduces a classic.

Strikeforce: Gilbert Melendez, Jorge Masvidal, & Cris Cyborg – SHOWTIME MMA – Sat. Dec 17th

Two brawlers, Gilbert Melendez and Jorge Masvidal, guarantee an intense championship match. Add the heaviest hitter in women’s MMA, Cris Cyborg, for a truly unforgettable night. Watch Melendez, Masvidal, and Cyborg in action and prepare for the Strikeforce year-end blowout. Saturday, December 17th at 10:30PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME.