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Archive for 10/11/2011

Jose Aldo: Committed to Victory

Faced with incredible odds, Jose Aldo has risen to become UFC® Featherweight Champion of the world. He says that would have been impossible had it not been for an incredible team of trainers who have kept his eyes on the prize. Today, Aldo serves as a role model to millions of Brazilian youth.



For Jose Aldo Junior, it was a difficult journey from his hometown of Manaus to Rio de Janeiro and then into the UFC. Now, the UFC® Featherweight Champion of the world will defend his title against Kenny Florian, a competitor in four different weight divisions in his UFC career. Hear how Junior’s rein in the Octagon began with a dream…

Inside Wand Fight Team with Wanderlei Silva – Episode 1 – Pro Training

Inside Wand Fight Team is a new weekly video series by Wanderlei Silva, every week Wanderelei will open the doors of his gym to show what happens inside. This week on episode 1 watch Wanderlei Silva’s Pro Training with Mike Whitehead, Marlon Mathias, Kit Cope, JJ Mix, Sidney Silva and more.

Roger Huerta and Melvin Guillard Sparring

roger and melvin boxing in houston April of 07

CrossFit – Nutrition: An Interview with Fast Company Magazine and Greg Glassman

CrossFit Journal Preview.