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Archive for 10/04/2011

Fight of the Week – Mousasi vs Izumi

HNDet Fights: Dream Grand Prix Final – Gegard Mousasi vs Hiroshi Izumi


UFC 136: Jose Aldo Pre-fight Interview

Jose Aldo says he’s got the speed, the strength and the explosiveness to beat Kenny Florian and keep his belt. Watch the phenom in action October 8! Watch UFC 136: Edgar vs Maynard Live on Pay-Per-View or www.UFC.tv at 6/9pm PT/ET.

Takedowns for BJJ – Yoko Tomoe Nage – Joel Gerson Part 1 – Jits Magazine

National level Judoka and MMA veteran Joel Gerson demonstrates a throw that is both beautiful and useful when going against a stiff armed opponent in a BJJ match. Usually in Judo, practitioners are penalized for being too stiff armed because it is stalling and it is too defensive. This “yoko tomoe nage” is a nifty solution of the situation.

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Leo Vieira X Shaolin

Leo Vieira vs Victor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro
ProAm 2000
Mundial 2000
ADCC 2000

One of my all time favorite matches to watch. 2 Legends of BJJ.
Leo Vieira against Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro in one of their many battles.

This was in the Professional BJJ league created by Fabio Gurgel around 2000


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Terere X Matt Serra NO GI

Fernando TERERE (Alliance) faces Matt Serra (Renzo Gracie) in the bronze medal match of the International Pro Ams of Grapplings Pro Division. Raleigh,North Carolina. December 2000

Whoop Terere!!!