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Archive for 09/04/2011

Murilo Bustamante Interview – BTT, Carlson and global BJJ – Jits Magazine

BTT chief Murilo Bustamante talks about his legendary teacher Carlson Gracie, the direction of his team, Brazilian Top Team, and the future direction of BJJ around the world.

Maloof Money Cup Live! Washington, DC, Sunday, September 4

Maloof Money Cup Live! Washington, DC, Sunday, September 4

Friday Practice

It was a long hot day with practice, qualifying heats, and the semi-finals in Washington DC and when all the dust settled and the rain blew by it was Andrew Reynolds who qualified first for tomorrows Finals.

Tatsuya Onose: Spider Guard Sweeps, Triangle, and Reversal

Spider Guard Sweep #1

Spider Guard Sweep #2

Spider Guard Sweep #3

Sweep on Spider Guard 

Sweep on Spider Guard Vol.2

Reversal on Spider Guard

Triangle Choke on Spider Guard

John Smith drilling with Dave Schultz

Quick drill session with John Smith and Dave Schultz at the 1989 World Cup.

Jongsanan Fairtex and Ganyao Fairtex – Block Hook, switch knee

Muay Thai legend Jongsanan Fairtex along with Ganyao Fairtex ( as seen on The Ultimate Fighter) show a simple yet effective technique.