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Archive for 08/23/2011

Marcelo Garcia vs Thalles Leite, Bruno Bastos, Gabriel Napao Gonzaga, Renato Babalu – Campos III

Marcelo Garcia vs Thalles LeiteĀ Campos III

Marcelo Garcia vs Bruno Bastos

Marcelo Garcia vs Gabriel Napao Gonzaga

Marcelo Garcia vs Renato Babalu

Marcelo Garcia On How To Defeat A Bigger, Stronger Opponent

Marcelo Garcia fromĀ talks about the techniques he uses to sweep and submit a bigger, stronger opponent.

De La Riva Sweep



Robson Moura – Arm Triangle Stack – Sweep to Arm Bar

How do you prevent and respond to being stacked from an arm triangle? Check out this video with Master Robson Moura on sweeping from an arm triangle attempt to an arm bar.

Fourstar Welcomes Ishod Wair to the Team

Fourstar Welcomes Ishod Wair to the Team