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Cobrinha vs Rodolfo

Cobrinha vs Rodolfo

Cobrinha vs Rodolfo p2

Abrão Amorim x Leandro Lo by X-COMBAT



Kettlebells; Don’t Panic!

Do you gas out quickly when you lift kettlebells? It’s common but not right. It’s the beginners natural reaction, and some kettlebell schools even teach you this as a style. Forget it! Why practice to gas out so fast? Run away from someone who attempts to tell you being inefficient is a smart tactic for being athletic. It’s all in the training…

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DISCLAIMER: While this video channel is merely the workout log of Valery Fedorenko, he does discuss training methodology from time to time for informational purposes. It would be prudent to seek the advice of a professional trainer for your own workouts, and if you choose to make any change in physical activity, CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks for you. ALL CONTENT IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK AND OTHER LAWS OF THE USA.

Recap: Agbeko vs Mares – Bantamweight Tournament Final – SHOWTIME Boxing

Al Bernstein and SHOWTIME Sports present the official recap of The Bantamweight Tournament Final match between Joseph King Kong Agbeko and Abner Mares. Watch the highlights from the August 13th event.

Sergio Pettis Makes Pro Kickoxing Debut Against Floyd Hodges

Sergio “The Phenom” Pettis makes his professional kickboxing debut in Milwaukee at NAFC “Kickboxing Gladiators” against Floyd Hodges.