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Archive for 08/02/2011

Jimmy Pedro – Trips for Tight Players – BJJ Weekly #064

Sometimes when working takedowns with a very defensive opponent, it can be difficult to execute a throw succesfully. Jimmy Pedro shows us some great simple trips that will work well against a tight stand up player.


Marcio Stambowsky – Sweep to Arm Lock – BJJ Weekly #064

Marcio Stambowsky shows us an armbar he likes to use off a sweep when his opponnent stands in his guard.

Carlos Eduardo x André Ushirobira by X-COMBAT


Calisthenicskingz – BAR ATHLETE

Bar Athlete is a lifestyle not just a sport, I do it for the love of the sport and the passion of the lifestyle. Thanks for watching.


Adv. Absolute Match: Joao Assis vs Pat Begin at Grapplers Quest West Coast Champ. 2011

2011 Grapplers Quest at West Coast Championships Advanced Absolute battle between Joao Assis (Checkmat) and Pat Begin (Xtreme Couture) on July 9th, 2011. GRAPPLERS QUEST, The World’s Largest and Most Prestigious Submission Grappling Tournament hosts Grapplers Quest West Coast Championships in Las Vegas NV on Saturday July 9th, 2011.