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Oxelo Skateboards: India


Day Two in Barcelona: Beach Lurk, Shoe Nerding, and Raekwon Show

After an all day street mission in Barcelona on Friday, Saturday all we did was hang out at the beach and check out a presentation by P-Rod and friends on how he go ideas for his new shoe. After that, we all went back to the hotel to watch the three minute video clips each of the eight talented filmers produced that were with us on each team. I’m proud to even just be around so many people that are so good at what they do. The night ended with a Raekwon show in a serious hotbox at the hotel. A few hours after that show ended this morning at about 2am, I was on a plane home to Tampa where I am now at 6pm. What amazing jetsetting. Thanks again to Nike SB for hospitality, good times, and all the new friends from around the world I made. Here’s a few minutes of chill footage from my phone: Day Two in Barcelona.