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Archive for May, 2011

Rafael Mendes x Gustavo Falciroli

Rafael Mendes:
World Champion 2010 – IBJJF
ADCC Champion 2009
2x World Pro Champion – 2009-2010
World Pro NOGI Champion
2 x European Champion 2010 – 2011 IBJJF
Pan Ams Champion 2011 – IBJJF
Brazilian Champion 2010 – IBJJF

Mike Swick vs. Erick Silva at UFC 134

Mike Swick vs. Erick Silva at UFC 134.

Southeast Regional Sunday Midday Repport

South East Regionals Day 3 Recap

South East Regionals Day 3 Recap

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Update 1.2

Day 2 coverage of the Australia, Canada West, North Central, and South East Regional.