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Archive for 05/19/2011

Worlds 2011 Live Broadcast!

Worlds 2011 Live Broadcast!

The World Jiu-jitsu Championship is the world’s most prestigious BJJ event. Held in Long Beach, California we’ll be broadcasting live giving you front row access to all of the action from some of the biggest name grapplers on the planet.


-Broadcasting live on Budovideos.com online on Saturday June 4th and Sunday June 5th from the Pyramid @ Cal State Long Beach

-Saturday is FREE. The Pay Per View is for Sunday.

-Event starts at 9AM Pacific Time on both days

-Your hosts Caleb, Shawn Williams and Budo Jake doing commentary

Don’t wait until the last minute, purchase your Pay Per View now to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action.

**Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

From: Budovideos.com


Fight of the Week – Davila vs Cisne

Fight of the Week – Davila vs Cisne

Harpoon Sweep Variation with Professor Pedro Sauer

Professor Pedro Sauer (8th Degree Red/Black Belt under Rickson and Helio Gracie) demonstrates a variation on the harpoon sweep when you are on your back and your opponent has you in side control. He further explains what to do when your opponent stops the harpoon sweep.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Morning Training 5/19/11

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Morning Training 5/19/11

Robson Moura Escaping Triangle Using Legs – BJJ

Robson Moura demonstrates a good option for escaping the triangle, be sure to get your legs under your opponent’s butt, secure your arms and move their hips to the side. Be sure to posture up, get your feet on their arms and push back to escape -then take back control using their belt. Good for no-gi grappling too – with a little modification.