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Archive for 02/28/2011

Wanderlei Silva presents Fighter Life Reality Show Episode 2

14 Fighters came from around the world to Las Vegas to train for 2 weeks at Wand Fight Team with MMA Legend Wanderlei Silva. Episode 2 of 4
Presented By Wand Fight Team and DoggedTv
Created By Aaron and Livia Mello-Fisher
More at wandfightteam.com dogged.tv

Mike-Mo Skating An Industrial Manny Pad


Hit the Gym with Miguel Cotto & Ricardo Mayorga – SHOWTIME Boxing Boxeo

Al Bernstein and SHOWTIME Sports get up close and personal with Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga as both welterweight sluggers prepare to headline the March 12th Showtime PPV event.

Crailtap’s Clip of the Day. Rainy Day Session #2

Clip of the Day. Rainy Day Session #2. When the Los Angeles area gets some rain, the Girl Park gets some visitors, such as, Sebo Walker, Daniel Espinoza, Enrique Lorenzo, Yaje Popson and even Hershel.